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Franchising has seen rapid growth in Australia for many years, and whether you're a Franchisor looking to set up franchises, or a new business looking at buying into a franchise, CAL is able to assist with practical, to the point advice.


Our team has experience advising on Franchises from both sides, including helping Franchisees with companies such as Starbucks and Parmalat.


For established Franchisors and Franchisees, we're able to assist with issues and disagreements that arise during the franchise, to make sure the franchise runs smoothly and beneficially for both sides.


Our franchising legal services


We can advise on the following, and much more.

Franchisee services

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For Franchisees, we're able to advise on your potential obligations in a new franchise and help you understand all you need to know about your new franchise to make sure it's fair and the right fit for you. We offer fixed priced reviews of franchise documents and can help ensure the Franchisee is meeting their obligations under the Franchising Code of Conduct.


Franchisor services

We assist
franchisors as well

For Franchisors, as a commercial and technology firm with a strong Intellectual Property focus, we're able to make sure your IP and processes are protected, and you're able to give Franchisees the tools to ensure the franchise is a success. With franchising being regulated by the Franchising Code of Conduct with substantial fines and penalties for non-compliance, we can assist with making sure you are and stay compliant with the Code.

Frachising Lawyer Expert - Kacper Kotwicki

Franchising law expertise

Practice area expert

Kacper Kotwicki

Kacper is a skilled franchise lawyer who has worked with numerous franchisees and franchisors to ensure they meet their legal requirements. 

Kacper believes in providing timely and practical advice that’s free from legalese.


He has experience working with major franchises in Queensland such as Starbucks, Parmalat and Quick Fit.

Kacper holds degrees in a Bachelor of Law as well as a Bachelor of Commerce. 

Kacper Kotwicki - Franchise Lawyer

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