Privacy and data protection

When it comes to privacy law, cyber-security and data protection we can help you navigate the complex web of laws.

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Our data and privacy law legal services


Privacy policies

Depending on your business, privacy policies may be mandated by law. We can draft effective privacy policies, free from legalese, to protect your interests.

Data protection agreements

We can draft data protection agreements tailored to your circumstances and compliant with privacy laws.

GDPR (EU) compliance

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), doesn't just apply to European businesses - Australian businesses can also be captured. To find out how you could be affected, get in touch with CAL today.

Privacy law compliance

In an increasingly complex web of data protection laws, it is more important than ever for your business to be compliant.  We can help ensure your legal documentation meets the necessary requirements.

Why you need a technology lawyer

We understand privacy law

Data protection legal compliance is becoming an increasingly important and complex element of business in the information technology age.


Laws are becoming increasingly convoluted, technology is moving at a rapid pace and the penalties for getting it wrong are increasing all the time. Customers, suppliers and government institutions all demand that your business is on top of its game.

We offer specialist advice to businesses of all sizes with respect to meeting their data protection compliance objectives.

Our advice is pragmatic and clear letting you know what data protection means for your business.

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Why choose us?


Deep expertise

We work with IT companies of all sizes, and have extensive IT law expertise.

No legalese

We provide practical advice, we speak your language, not legalese.

Fast turnarounds

We deliver results for your business fast and effectively.

Fixed fees

We offer fixed fees for your peace of mind.

No hidden fees

We don't charge for photocopying or other petties.

Privacy and data protection law expertise

Practice area expert

Kris Kotwicki

Kris is a skilled information technology lawyer with over 15 years experience in all aspects of IT law.


Kris understands technology, having worked in IT prior to becoming a lawyer. He has negotiated for and against the biggest technology companies in the world such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Dell and HP on deals ranging from thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars. 


Kris hold a Juris Doctor of Law from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor of International Business from Flinders University.

IT Lawyer - Kris Kotwicki

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