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Entertainment lawyers

From film and tv through to music, events, sports, arts and interactive entertainment, we can help meet all your entertainment related legal needs.

Film law

Lights, camera, action! From pre-production through right through to distribution, Creative Artists Law has all your film  needs covered.

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Television law

Whether you're in front of the screen or behind it, we can assist with your legal requirements.

Music law

We can assist with all aspects of your music law need, from recording contracts through to digital rights and beyond.

Events law

From small performances through to the biggest concerts in the world, Creative Artists Law can help ensure your event has de-risked its legals.

Fashion law

We can help with all your fashion law needs, from intellectual property through to talent agreements and everything in-between.

Arts law

We can help with any legal requirements around your artwork and our lawyers have experience working with some of the top artists in the world.

Video games law

From AAA titles to mobile gaming, Creative Artists Law's lawyers can help ensure your game's legal requirements are covered.


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