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At Creative Artists Law, we firmly believe that when it comes to the complex and dynamic world of film law, experience is invaluable. Our team of dedicated film lawyers brings a wealth of expertise and an in-depth understanding of the industry, enabling us to effectively represent a diverse range of clients. From emerging talents who are just beginning to make their mark in the industry to established local and Hollywood A-list actors with a global presence, our legal guidance is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual we represent.


Our passion for cinema is at the core of everything we do. We're not just legal advisors; we're enthusiasts and advocates of the film industry. This passion is exemplified by our proud association as Major Partners of the Byron Bay International Film Festival. Kris also serves as a board member of Screenworks.


At Creative Artists Law, we understand the intricacies of film production, distribution, and promotion. Whether you find yourself in front of the camera, calling the shots behind it, or playing any of the numerous vital roles in between, we recognise that each position comes with its own set of legal requirements and challenges. From contract negotiations, intellectual property rights, and financing agreements to distribution deals, our expertise covers the full spectrum of legal services related to film.


We are here to ensure that your legal needs are not just met but exceeded, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating and bringing compelling stories to life. Trust Creative Artists Law to be your partner in navigating the legal landscape of the film industry. 

Subject matter expert
Film lawyer - Kacper Kotwicki
Subject matter expert
Film lawyer - Kris Kotwicki

 Our film-related legal services

Our film lawyers can advise on the following, and much more:

 Why Creative Artists Law?

Experience matters

With its team having worked with the biggest film franchises as well as a multitude of independent filmmakers, Creative Artists Law is here to ensure your production is legally ship shape. 


We can assist with all aspects of legal matters connected to film production, starting from pre-production and going through to distribution and beyond.

From location to distribution agreements, Creative Artists Law will also be there to ensure your project is made and seen by the widest possible audience.



 We provide film law legal services to...










Our film law expertise

Film lawyer - Kacper Kotwicki

Practice area expert profile

Kacper Kotwicki

Kacper is a skilled film lawyer with 25 years legal experience.


Kacper understands film and television and advises on productions both big and small and both local and international. He has worked on the James Bond series, Harry Potter and Marvel productions like Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy to name just a few. 


Kacper holds degrees in a Bachelor of Law as well as a Bachelor of Commerce, he enjoys screenwriting in his spare time. 

Film lawyer

The Creative Artists Law advantage

Deep expertise

We work with film productions of all sizes and bring that expertise to your deal.

No legalese

We provide practical and commercial advice, we speak your language, not legalese.

Fast turnarounds

We deliver results for your business quick and effectively and we're always available.

Competitive rates

We offer competitive fees for your peace of mind.

No hidden fees

We don't charge for photocopying or other petties.

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