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Video gaming contracts can be a minefield to navigate without a lawyer. 

No matter your platform, or whether you’re a developer or publisher, we can help ensure you’re contractually covered on everything from licensing through to data protection.

Games represent a fusion between our two core practice areas: entertainment and technology. 


Here at Creative Artists Law, we've worked in major computer games companies and are highly tech savvy. We understand the culture and the unique challenges projects can face and how to tailor your legals accordingly.

So, whether you’re a start-up in the mobile space or a AAA game developer, contact Creative Artists Law to find out how we can help your project.

Games Law Services

When it comes to video games law, we can advise on the following, and much more.

Kris Kotwicki

Practice area expert

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Kris Kotwicki worked in the video games industry for a major Australian publisher as a senior artist. He also has experience working in mobile online gaming in lead roles. 

In his legal life, Kris has negotiated against the biggest IT companies in the world for over 15 years and can help you get the best deal possible that will lower your legal exposure. 

His favourite game is the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. 

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