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Let Creative Artists Law help you tell your story


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Helping you tell stories

Stories are a currency of life. The best way to understand a creative is to be one yourself, and that is precisely where Creative Artists Law differs firm other law firms. Prior to careers in law, our team all worked in the creative fields, from script writing in Los Angeles to graphic design, to photography.


The right practical and commercial advice can save you significant time and hassle down the line. We know what advice you need as we've been in exactly the same situations ourselves.


Being a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on our customer service and being easily accessible. Your business is not just another matter number to us. 


Ultimately, you can be assured that your matter will be worked on by an experienced lawyer with world class experience and your advice will be both timely and easy to understand, because if there is one thing we can't stand, it's legal double-speak. We get to the point and that's only something you can do when you know the law inside and out.

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